1000 Musicians Playing Foo Fighters Learn to Fly. Watch to learn the reason why. Amazing!

This crazy video of 1000 musicians playing the Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly was an incredible thing to pull off. When you learn the reason why they did it, it will make you want to call Dave Grohl himself to get in touch with them. This 1000 strong group from Cesena, Italy was organized and created by Fabio Zaffagnini. He spent a full year planning and getting musicians from all around Italy to get together and put on this massive tribute to the Foo Fighters. The group have called themselves “The Rockin 1000”. They have a very special message for the 5 members of The Foo Fighters especially Dave Grohl. We are not going to spoil the surprise here your just going to have to watch the video above to find out. We think it’s nothing short of spectacular. These are true Foo Fighters fanatics and put on an awesome show of support for their favorite band. We are wondering what the response will be from the band when they get to see this amazing video. We hope you like it as much as we have here at Read Like Share.


Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters Rockin1000