Brazilian Man Parks in Handicapped Spot, Finds His Car Covered in Sticky Notes.

This is totally hilarious! This very cheeky Brazilian guy parks in a handicapped parking space and he is not disabled. When he returns to his car, what is waiting for him is just incredible. His car was totally covered in a handicapped sign and blue sticky notes an in awesome display. A parking warden is also seen in the video trying to get the details of this mans car so he can write him a ticket. The warden has to physically remove stickers from the windshield and the license plate to get to the cars registration details.

The man who owns the car and who stupidly parked here gets exactly what he deserves for parking illegally. He can be seen frantically trying to remove the stickers from his car and he does not look one bit pleased, which only adds fuel to the fire as the crowd start to jeer him even more then before. He has a couple of attempts of trying to remove the bare minimum amount of stickers so he can drive away quickly and to hide from embarrassment and jeering of the mob that has gathered to roast him. He eventually gets enough of the sticky notes off of his windshield and drivers window to make a quick exit. His car can then be seen screeching away in haste as all the crowd laughs and cheers this boy wonder.


Guy Parks in Handicapped Spot. Gets what he deserves.