Check out what this clown did to this woman to make her flip out. LOL

This video will have you laughing out loud. This very cheeky clown plays the stereotypical clown prank on this unsuspecting woman as she travels up an escalator in a shopping mall. He hits her square in the face with a pie and she goes crazy at him. The woman looses it and starts to run down the escalator past other shoppers after the clown and wants to get her revenge. She is so angered by what he did, she throws her handbag at him. The whole while this is happening the clown is laughing at the prank that he has just pulled and it is super funny. As the woman nears the end of the escalator and gets closer to the prankster the clown hits her in the face with a second pie. The woman continues to throw literally anything she can get her hands on, including her shoes. This is a very funny clip and it had us laughing at it all day. Share this with your friends and give them a giggle too.


Clown on Escalator hits woman with pie.