Dancing Stormtroopers get Gold Button to final on Britain’s Got Talent! Awesome

Boogie Storm make Simon Cowell’s dream come true!

Watch the awesome moment 6 Stormtroopers arrive on stage on Britain’s Got Talent. To the panels amazement they put on an incredible dance routine. Simon Cowell’s dream has really come true! He said in the video ” If we could find Stormtroopers who can dance, this show is going to go into a different league” “My Dream Has Come True.”

Boogie Storm as the troop are known arrived on stage to the music of Star Wars Imperial March. Then the stormtroopers started off dancing to Sax by Fleur East. Then quickly switched to Watch Me Whip Nae Nae by Silento, the dancers then started to do the famous Gangnam Style Dance by PSY which had the whole audience going crazy.

The group finished off their set with an amazing (in sync) rendition of All The Single Ladies by Beyonce. At the end of the dance routine all 4 of the judges on Britain’s Got Talent arose to their feet to cheer for the Dancing Stormtroopers, then the audience can be heard screaming for Simon Cowell to press the Golden Button which sends the act straight to the finals of the talent competition. What an awesome performance. We really liked it an we’re sure you will too. It’s a video definitely worth sharing!


Boogie Storm make Simon’s dream come true!