Have you ever seen a bird take a bath like this before? Amazing.

This video is just incredible. We’ve never seen anything as amazing as this before. The owner of this bird turns on the faucet and when the water starts to run he cups his hands to make a well of water. The little bird seams to know it’s bath time and is waiting patiently on the side of the sink, then he slowly makes it’s way over, checking everything out cautiously as it approaches the water that has filled up in the mans hands. The bird then makes a splash. He climes into the water and begins to bathe. He works the water through its feathers at an incredible speed and seams to be really enjoying himself

It is truly a marvelous site to be able to watch this up close. The colors of this bird are quite remarkable something that you might not be able to see every day unless your a bird owner like this man in the video, he seams to be a pro and looks as if he takes good care of his pets. You can hear in the background the sound of other birds singing this man must be a seasoned owner of many birds and we are glad he has shared this video with us. Finally the bird lands on his owners shoulder and is ready to dry off after what looked like a very enjoyable bath. Amazing.


Bird Bathes in guys hands