Hilarious! Irish Dad pranks son on how to turn on the vacuum cleaner!

This will have you laughing out loud! Irish dad pranks his son with instruction on how to turn on the vacuum cleaner. The sneaky father gives his son fake instruction on how to start up the vacuum cleaner by pulling on the power cord like he is starting a lawnmower.

In the video you can hear the prankster dad tell his son “keep trying” and “is it nearly there” while laughing away at his gullible son. The father eventually tells his son to try putting the plug in the wall and turning the vacuum cleaner on.

The dad eventually says to his son “Conor it’s not a motorbike” when the boy eventually starts the vacuum his dad sarcastically says “We have liftoff”.

This is Irish humour at it’s best.

We don’t think poor Conor will live this prank down for quite some time to come.



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Source: Meanwhile in Ireland YouTube Channel