Hilarious Thug Life 2 year old tells Monkey to Fcuk off at drive through animal park. LOL

This is so funny Hugo the Thug Life 2 year old is seen here driving through an animal park with his parents in the front seat of their car. There appears to be a Monkey on top of the car and the family are not too happy about the damage it has done to the car and they want the Monkey off the car. When Hugo’s mother asks him a question Hugo answers “Monkey on the car” and then nobody could expect what was to come out of the 2 year old’s mouth next. He says “Fuck Off” and you can hear his mum an his dad laughing their asses off at their son. It’s so funny how innocent he says it, but really means it. We played this one over and over again. It is a very funny clip. LOL


Thug Life 2 year old isn't a fan of Monkeys