How cute is this! Puppy falls asleep with baby on the floor.

Here is your daily dose of cuteness!! Watch this cute sleepy little puppy getting all nice and snuggly with a tiny baby. The caption on this video says that Callie was found by the owner tied to his fence. The puppy is believed to be a pitt/catahoula mix. Callie the pup is 3 months old in this video and appears to be very sleepy, he wanders around the blanket on the floor to find a comfortable spot to lay his head to have a rest. He wanders over to the little baby and snuggles up next to him and lays his head on the baby. The owners son is also 3 months old in this video and he explains that Callie the puppy and his son have been best friends ever since they have taken the dog in and they still play together. What a very cute story and an amazing video to watch. It will make you smile!


Puppy Sleeps on Baby