One food company’s video is helping reclaim family dinner time and it’s simply incredible.

This food company has made an amazing video to demonstrate how technology has hijacked family dinnertime. Dolmio the Italian sauce and pasta brand has come up with a unique video to show families how to reclaim the so important family dinnertime, which often has become hijacked by technology. Kids have become so reliant on technology these days, it is hard to get them to sit down without their personal mobile data devices to actually get together and enjoy a family meal in peace without the distraction of TV or social media. In the video the symbolic gesture of the Pepper Hacker turning off all technology at dinnertime is incredibly smart. It really drives the message home that parents should have rules of when and where is appropriate for their children to use such technology and reclaim the family mealtime. As the video’s message finishes off saying ” Tablets and Tantrums were thrown” “But the world didn’t end” it goes on to say “Family Dinnertime was Reclaimed” it’s closing message leaves you with this “BECAUSE WHEN FAMILIES DISCONNECT”  “THEY CONNECT” We think this is an amazing message to families all around the world and we are happy to share this cool video with you.


Technology has hijacked family dinnertime. Watch the Pepper Hacker reclaim it.