Playful Panda’s won’t take their medicine at the zoo. So cute and funny.

These two cuddly baby Panda bears won’t sit still for the zookeeper, they just want to play with him. The zookeeper is trying to give these to little rascals some medicine from a syringe but is having no joy at all. The two panda’s just want to play and get up to some mischief. He tries his best to give one of the bears some medicine but the other one keeps distracting him. The zookeeper seams to shuffle between the two but can not seam to get it right. The video is so funny as the two panda’s are so human like, they are like two little children climbing all over him, vying for the zookeepers attention and being very playful. The clip is like a little comedy in itself, especially with the choice of music in the background but so very cute at the same time. The man seams to get the job done in the end but it took a while. LOL


Playful Panda's Won't take their medicine.