Rapper gets shot in the head and posts video to Facebook. Totally Crazy

This video will have you scratch your head in amazement and bewilderment! Rapper Teriq Royal from Compton Los Angeles claims he was hit in the head by bullet fragments from an AK47 assault riffle after himself and his friends or  “soldiers” as he put it, where shot at outside a gas station in a hail of gunfire. He is seen in the video stumbling around the gas station fourcourt stupidly recording a selfie video of the aftermath before he took himself to hospital. After surviving the ordeal he posted the video along with pictures of an X-ray of his scull to his Facebook account and wrote “Three bullet fragments resting on my 3rd eye for the rest of my life.”.

In an age where social media and personal smart phones are everywhere and at the ready to capture every video and sound bite, you would think it is the norm, but this guys takes it to a serious other stupid level by recording what happened to himself and his friends and posting it to Facebook. He was also quoted as saying ” I’m really a rapper now, I just got shot.”. Wonders never cease to amaze! This is one the most stupid thing we’ve seen. What do you think?


Rapper gets shot in the head and posts video