Space Tourism is getting closer as new rocket makes third successful landing.

Space Tourism nears! How awesome!! Where do I sign up!! Check out this amazing new video of a Blue Origin space rocket blasting off from a launchpad in Texas. The reusable rocket has made it’s third successful takeoff and landing travelling to the edge of space.

The firm behind the launch is reportedly backed by internet giants online retailer Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos. The latest video shows the rocket being used on it’s third successful mission to the edge of space and then touching down perfectly for a smooth landing on earth. By reusing the same rocket over and over again is apparently cutting major costs and making space tourism more affordable and viable bringing the dream of travelling to space a step closer.

Here is the description from the companies YouTube video :

“New Shepard flew again on April 2, 2016 reaching an apogee of 339,178 feet or 103.38 kilometers. It was the third flight with the same hardware. We pushed the envelope on this flight, restarting the engine for the propulsive landing only 3,600 feet above the ground, requiring the BE-3 engine to start fast and ramp to high thrust fast.”

After the successful launch Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Tweeted : “Flawless Launch BE-3 restart and perfect booster landing.”

The hope for the company is to take space tourists on sub orbital trips by 2018.

What an amazing story! We want to sign up! Would you be brave enough to take a trip to space if it was affordable?


Blue Origin Space Rocket