This is so cute. Watch little Korean kid thought some life lessons.

This will give you a great giggle. This little girl is so adorable. Her mother is trying to teach her little daughter some life lessons. Little Yebin struggles to get it right the first time, but eventually she gets it right and it is so funny and cute. The little girl’s mother is trying to teach her that its not good to be taking things from strangers a life lesson I’m sure we’ve all been thought at some stage in our lives.

The questions she poses to her daughter are  “If a strange man says, Yebin let’s go eat cookies? You say?” and if a strange man says, “Let’s go eat Ice cream? You say?” and If a strange man says “Do you want to go swimming? You Say?” but little Yebin replies “Yes that’s good” so her mother tries to teach her that she should say no to the strangers. It is totally hilarious to watch the innocence of the child. The little expressions on her face as she is trying to understand her mom as she is explaining why she should say no to strangers is so cute and funny.


Little Yebin life lessons