Tiny Baby Learns How To Prank Her Own Dad and it’s Hilariously Funny and Cute!

This father has his hands full already and his daughter is only a small baby. She has learned to play a game with her dad and the resulting video will have you laughing out loud. The cute little girl has her dad in a fit of giggles as he tries to cut her finger nails. As he approaches his daughters tiny hands with the the small nail scissors she lets out a small yelp as if she has been hurt, when her father reacts to her yelp she starts laughing. In turn her father starts to laugh because his daughter is playing a trick on him. The video is extremely funny and cute. It was filmed by the baby’s mother Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama from Brazil and uploaded to the internet and viewed over 16 million times. We can see why it has become so popular and we just had to share it with you.


Tiny Baby Learns How To Prank Her Own Dad