Watch these Hilarious KYLO REN Outtakes extremely funny! LOL

Fan of the new Star Wars movie and KYLO REN? Watch these amazingly funny outtakes of the now famous Star Wars character. The team over at Auralnauts have put this super funny collection of outtakes of one of the most serious villains Star Wars has ever seen and for that reason alone, this is such a funny video.

Among other very funny scenes the team have KYLO REN singing Rhiana’s song – Work, which is actually hilarious. Make sure you watch the video right until the very end because the collection gets funnier and funnier. Especially the scene at the very end with C3PO, Han Solo and Princess Leia. The whole thing will have you laughing out load big time!! Make sure you share this one with all your Star Wars buddies. It will not fail to impress.



KYLO REN Outtakes.