Watch these captive Tigers swim for the first time ever. Truly Amazing!

Lily and Carli are two captive tigers that were living in dirty run down cages in Buffalo New York and were suffering from neglect, they were rescued by the IFAW ( International Fund for Animal Welfare) and brought to live in a new home at the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada, were they are doing much better and are living much happier lives.

In this video Kelly Donithan from the IFAW visits them at their new home in Nevada to check on them and was able to witness the tigers going for a swim for the very first time. Kelly goes on to explain that the tigers are now settled in their new home and that their enclosure has recently just got an upgrade of a new in ground pool. The pool was made specifically for the two tigers as the weather in Nevada can be extremely hot, the new in ground pool was designed to keep the water nice and cool for the two big cats so they can splash around and cool off. Tigers are known to like water unlike their smaller feline friends. It is awesome to watch Lily take a dip for the very first time and to see her having fun in the water, the second tiger Carli is a little bit reluctant to get in to join her friend, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before she enjoys her new water feature. This is an amazing video and the sanctuary and the IFAW seam to be doing amazing work to help the lives of the amazing animals.


Tigers Swim for the First Time