Woman dancing at bus stop caught on camera is totally hilarious.

This video of a woman dancing while waiting on her bus in the UK is extremely funny. She pulls the most funniest dance moves. She takes little breaks in between her routine to check in front and behind herself to make sure no one is watching her sweet moves LOL. She is totally in the zone while obviously listening to her favorite track on her ear phones. The track is said to be that by Alesha Dixon – Knock Down as it is the track that mostly matches her dance moves. This video clip has gone viral around the internet as it is amazingly funny, many people have copied the video and added different music to her moves including everything from Dancing Queen by ABBA to Get Lucky by Daft Punk. The video was taken at Js Corner Cafe, Bishopstoke Road, Eastleigh UK. The woman in the video is now known as The Dancing Queen at the Bus Stop. Whoever she is and whatever they call her it doesn’t matter the video is just so funny.


Dancing Queen at Bus Stop