Wow Amazing footage of Killer Whales Chasing Speedboat.

The awesome video was taken by a couple who were vacationing in Mexico. Laura and Rich Howard were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and organized this trip to also share their common love of underwater wildlife photography. While on a dive off the coast of Las Paz they captured some great footage of the local underwater species but their dive was cut short by the dive master as there was impending danger. Laura and Rich got back into the boat and realized what was heading there way, they could see the massive dorsal fins of the whales heading towards them.  At first they didn’t realize what type of whales they were until the approached the boat.

As the boat took off a pod of more than 20 Killer Whales chased their boat for about an hour. The footage is totally incredible you get to the see the Orca whales playing and jumping out of the water. They get so close to the boat you can almost touch them as they leap in the air. This spectacle would normally be seen done by Dolphins chasing a boat but not Killer Whales. It gave the Howard’s one hell of a ride and a trip to remember for a lifetime.


Killer Whales Chase Speedboat