Wow wait till you hear this man sing and play the piano on the street.

This guy can belt out a tune. Well worth a listen, no matter what type of music you are into. You will definitely appreciate this video. The piano was placed in the street by Katriona Dean at the northwest corner of Victoria Park in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. Katriona is an artist and placed the piano there as part of the “Keys to our Town” art initiative. She designed, painted and named the colorful piano ‘Foxgang Amadeus’.

Anyone can use the piano and play a tune but when this gentleman Michael McNamara sat down and played Katriona was lucky enough to get a video of the performance. The song is called Say Something and this mans cover is just spectacular. The piano itself is an incredible piece of artwork and looks amazing, put it together with Micheal McNamara playing this tune and wow, what an awesome video. As Katriona states the footage is a little shaky as she didn’t have a tripod set up but still what an amazing performance. Turn it up to appreciate it.


Street Piano Micheal McNamara Say Something.